Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve globally people living with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD), those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and people with Special needs.  Through mobile technologies, we offer world-class unique software features and functionality to Caregivers as they support their family and people within their communities and cohorts. We listen and learn each day as we develop new applications to best serve anyone in need.  We partner with the best in class who serve the ASD and IDD communities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for Safe4All to be recognized as the world’s market-leading software application serving the ASD and IDD communities.  Our Vision is based upon our own life experiences and family needs.  Our Leadership Team is committed to serve and to give back to others.  We are committed to the purpose of the James Edward Ross Memorial Foundation (DBA Safe4All Foundation) in its support of clinicians, applied researchers, outstanding students, legislation which recognizes, among other initiatives, those disabled with government ID’s and to support those agencies and non-profits which serve the ASD and IDD communities globally.

Meet Our World-Class Leadership Team

Jim Ross

Co-founder, Board Chairman & CEO

Jim Ross is a market focused team building leader who has established long term meaningful business successes and trusted relationships for 50 years.  Jim’s business goals are to create shareholder and market value, communicate with personal contact and earn customer satisfaction referrals with exceptional performance. Jim has performed successfully as Chairman & CEO in private software companies, President & COO of a public software company, Board Member of several private software companies, Founder of private software companies, EVP & GM of public software companies, VP Sales of a major public software and services company and as an active duty USAF Officer. Jim earned a BA from Rutgers University and completed graduate studies at the University of Georgia. Jim resides in Centennial Colorado with his wife Dianna and Lab Murphy.

Dick Layton

Co-founder, Board Member, President

Dick is focused on impacting the lives of those on the Autism Spectrum and those with intellectual/physical disabilities or special needs. Dick served as the Vice President & Board Member of the Autism Society of Colorado.  Dick’s passion for helping people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was developed when he worked as the Executive Director at the STAR Institute from 2016 to 2018. STAR provides Research, Education and Treatment for children and adults who have a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Dick has a strong desire to help those on the Autism Spectrum find employment and enacting their Transition Planning Individualized Education Program (IEP). Dick has a fourteen year old granddaughter in Florida who was diagnosed when she was 5. Thankfully, since her mom and dad found the “right school” for her, she is doing much better. Dick’s education includes BA and MS degrees in engineering, operations research and computer science. Dick worked at Bell Labs and most recently as an adjunct professor in the school of business at Colorado Christian University from 2007 until 2016.

Craig Ross

Co-founder, Board Member, COO & Chief Product Officer

Craig is a proven operations and experienced technology business entrepreneur/owner with over 25 years of business development, general management and successful software product launch experiences. Craig is a leader, motivator, excellent communicator and close to customers with outstanding relationship soft skills. For the past 12 years, Craig was President & COO of a software product company which, among many other successes, successfully deployed software globally into every Enterprise, Government and SMB account of a major Tier 1 OEM. Craig has performed successfully roles of VP & GM, VP Sales, National Accounts Manager and Owner & Managing Partner. Craig has demonstrated success in developing new markets while generating SaaS repetitive revenue growth. At CSU, Craig majored on Computer Science & Finance.  Craig resides in Austin TX with his family.

Jess Stainbrook

Chief Innovation Officer

Jess Stainbrook is known for his TV, Film and Media work championing significant visual storytelling efforts through innovative programming and strategic business initiatives. Jess has 8 Emmy Awards for his documentary work with clients such as MTV, ESPN, PBS, Discovery Channel, A&E and many others.

Jess also has an extensive background in strategic planning, non-profit management, brand development and marketing. He is the Executive Director for the Invisible Disabilities® Association leading legislative initiatives and programming serving people living with various disabilities. Jess regularly consults with Fortune 500 companies guiding executive leadership in supporting disability advocacy and launching Employee Resource Groups supporting ADA safe harbor for people and employees. In his spare time, Jess can be found teaching Digital Media and Visual Storytelling at Colorado Christian University or he might be extreme skiing, rock climbing or mountain biking with his wife and three daughters.