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What if I forgot my PIN?

On the login screen, select "Forgot PIN?" Once you enter your user name, you will then receive a new activation code. Enter the activation code, setup new pin and then login.

How can I file a harrassment report?

Click "More Support" on the bottom menu bar, then Report/Tip, then follow the steps to file your report.

Why doesn't my "client's" location show up?

This usually means the location service was turned off in the phone's setting. The setting in the phone needs to be set to "Always Allow".

Can I add another caregiver?

Yes you can, it is done on the "Contacts" page if you are logged in as the Super Caregiver (account holder).

Why are notifications going to the wrong device?

You are logged onto more than one device with the same username. Please remove the app from the device you are not using.

Can I make a task repeat?

Yes, while creating a task, select the drop down next to "Frequency" then select "Schedule".

How many times can a task/goal be "snoozed"

A task/goal can be snoozed an unlimited times but the individual will never receive their "reward" for that task or goal without completing.

Can a task/goal be set so it can't be snoozed

No, all tasks can be snoozed, you can however adjust the time between the new reminder when setting up the task.

Why can't I logout?

There is no logout ability on the Safe4All app for the safety of the individual being cared for when they reach out for assistance. 


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